Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time to dust...

So I have only been doing fanart recently... and that all goes on dA so this blog is feeling much abused.

Nothing is going on. Life is the boring-ville right now... But I'm going to put some stuff online to see if I can't pick up little freelance jobs until August. So hopefully things will get better. If not, I just have to wait around for Comic-Con where there will be too much going on to actively process until I'm back at home! YAY.

Mr. Dandy-man from Austen England
Chubby Fairies
Lady that likes Plants
Purple Gal Inspired by Haight St. SF


potato farm girl said...

I like the purdy fairies and their purdy jewelry, with the purdy colors and the purdy flowers. I'm going to be back in LA late Wednesday afternoon, want to hang out Thursday?

Jason Snair said...

I really dig your colors. They're so vibrant. Good work you!

Boogervampire said...

I love how bold and bright your colors are! Especially the Haight Street girl. Beautiful.

Alina Chau said...

Beautiful illos!!